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dogusohbet.org is a tool for League of Legends players. Create an account (it's painless). Look up the summoners in your game using the box above. After the game, give them a rating. You will find marking players as "good" just as beneficial as marking players as "bad"

The purpose of this site is not to encourage queue-dodging (despite what the clever domain might imply). This application is simply a means of supplementing the League of Legends interface where we find it to be lacking.

Multiple Accounts
posted 1 day ago by CountZero
I have deleted the first round of users abusing the system by creating multiple accounts. I was nice enough to leave each of the three offenders one account. In the future, I will not be so forgiving. Muhahahaha!

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Abusing the system entails creating multiple accounts from a single IP with fake email addresses and rating single summoners multiple times. If you have a valid excuse for this (such as living in a house with 5 dudes that love to play LoL), at least provide your accounts with valid email addresses so I can contact you. I'm sorry I currently don't have a comment system--- I plan to implement that Tuesday. In the meantime, feel free to post comments on my summoner profile.

Top Users/Summoners
posted 1 day ago by CountZero
A list of the top 5 users and top 5 summoners now appears in the left-hand navigation! You might be wondering why you are not a top summoner, despite giving yourself a perfect rating. Top summoners require at least 5 votes to be considered. As we get more ratings, I will likely increase this value to 10 votes or greater. Do not attempt to create new accounts to inflate your summoner rating. I log everything carefully. Should I notice you abusing the system, I will delete all of your user accounts. This will delete all ratings associated with your accounts as well.

On a lighter note, I would like to thank all of you for helping me surpass my goal of 1000 summoners by Monday!

Server Status
posted 2 days ago by CountZero
I have found dogusohbet.org often times to be slow and unresponsive. I'm sure many of you have experienced this. The fault lies with my hosting provider's configuration, and they do not seem very interested in resolving the issue. When I get an opportunity in the next few days, I will work with my hosting provider to use an alternative configuration. If I am still not happy with the performance, I will simply switch providers. Thank you for your patience and ongoing support of QueueDodgers!