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Please note : as of October 31st 2003, the Home Office has amended the HSMP in 2 ways :

They have introduced a fee of GBP150.00 for HSMP applications. We will advise you how to pay this fee. Should an application require a second or third attempt at success, similar fees will apply each time. This of course makes it absolutely imperative that applications are made correctly the first time. Most applications made without representation fail.

The HSMP scheme has been made available to more people as the qualifying points score is now lowered to 65 points.

Those under 28 years of age at the time of application are awarded 5 points simply for being under 28. Also, they do not need to prove as much work experience or earnings.

Those who are married or living together as if married can now claim additional points for the education and work experience of their partners.

About the new HSMP Scheme

HSMP is the solution to the Catch 22 situation of skilled people needing a permit for an employer to hire them but needing an employer to get them that permit.

The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme is a points based system now in its second year. There are 6 areas where points can be gained and you must get a minimum of 65 points to be considered. The HSMP permit means you can come to the UK to look for work instead of needing an employer to sponsor you first.

HSMP applications are made up of 2 equally important parts:

1) Assessing a correct amount of points.

2) Ensuring that the supporting documents are provided and say the right things. This requires in depth knowledge of what the Home Office actually needs to see from an application and, more importantly, how to phrase it.

Note: The pass mark is 65 points. This is not a moveable figure. Applications will not be progressed if 65 points cannot be achieved.


Ram Kumar
Good support throughout the process. Really care about the work, quick response, happy to work with them. Cheers!

Sarin Ramesh
Absolutely good work, I was confused on what to do after my BCom. Alfa International gave me excellent counselling service and now I am able to complete my MBA in 1 year in London and with help of them I got good job